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Turbocharged Fun for Your Child’s Race Car Birthday Party

Good job, Mom! Junior’s birthday party is next week and you’ve made all of the arrangements to ensure the celebration is fun, fun, fun.

The cake has been ordered and the decorations are ready to go. For entertainment, you’ve booked the Ultimate Race Car Party with playparty.net. The backyard looks great — it’s the perfect setting for the Roller Coaster Race Track, Giant Oval Race Track, All American Drag Strip, and LEGO Car Building and Racing Track.

Just one more thing to do…

Plan a few activities to bracket the main event entertainment.  We suggest the following crafts and games to help youngsters warm up to or cool down from the excitement of the Ultimate Race Car Party.


RC Coloring PageIf a guest initially hesitates to join the festivities, give him or her time to acclimate to the environment.  Offer a race car coloring page and an assortment of colorful crayons or markers.




Traffic LightsPre-schoolers enjoy making stop lights from paper plates, construction paper, paint, glue and yarn.




Tattoo 2Create a race car-themed Tattoo Parlor with kid-friendly, non-toxic temporary tattoos.




Tattoo 1Ask a friend or neighbor to help the little ones, and stock the “Parlor” with cotton pads, rubbing alcohol, wash cloths and warm water.




Auto Paint_DetailSet-up an Auto Body Repair Shop and invite guests to paint and decorate little wooden cars.




Tire BB TossIf the kids over-indulge on cake and ice cream, burn off their excess energy with a Tire Bean Bag Toss.  Take the spare tire out of your car.  Put uncooked rice in sandwich-size plastic bags, and wrap each bag in a bandana, napkin or wash cloth.  Start the game with a wave of the green flag.  Your guests will love the challenge.



Traffic Light BB TossIf you’d prefer an indoor version of the game, consider this hand-made Traffic Stoplight mat and four “car” fabric bean bags.





Balloon 1Here’s a clever idea. Slip a miniature car inside a balloon; then, blow it up.  Give an inflated balloon to each of your guests.  Tell them to to pop the balloons —  by sitting on them, squashing them or whatever — to find their party favors.



Balloon 2Have your camera ready to capture the moment each balloon pops. The kids’ reactions are priceless.




Race Car DriverWhat’s next?

Book the Ultimate Race Car Party with playparty.net, Southern California’s premier provider of children’s birthday party entertainment.  And come back soon for more birthday planning tips.


It’s All Fun and Games at a LEGO Birthday Party

Even if the invitations to your child’s Best LEGO Birthday Party included a specific timeframe–  say, 11 AM to 1 PM–  your guests will probably arrive at different times and depart at different times.  

Some kids may be dropped off early– how will you welcome and entertain them?  And at the end of the party, how will you keep guests busy and happy while they wait to be picked up?

playparty.net has a suggestion:  Offer a LEGO-theme craft or game.  Activities such as the following will amuse the kids during your party’s transition periods.


LEGO Guess How Many

Holly Homer filled a Mason jar with colorful LEGO bricks.  Each child guessed how many LEGO bricks were in the jar.  The child whose guess came closest to the correct number was the winner.






Design LEGO GuySharla of My Little Gems used the Zakka Life kirigami template to make individual LEGO guys.  She set up a “Design a LEGO Guy” table with lots of crayons and let the kids draw to their hearts’ content.  Everyone had a blast!




I Spy LEGO GuyEagle-eyed youngsters will enjoy playing “I Spy the LEGO Guy” by Delia Creates.  Print images of LEGO heads on glossy card stock and hide the cards around the party area.  Then set the kids loose.




LEGO Bingo CardsLEGO Bingo is another popular game.  Jennifer of Big D and Me created a template with 42 LEGO mini-fig call cards and 9 Bingo boards.





LEGO Bingo KidsPlayers need to look closely to see the details that make each mini-fig unique.  Sure, it’s easy to distinguish a scientist from an artist, or a weightlifter from a surfer.  But how do you tell the difference between a pop star and a punk rocker, or a disco dude and a rapper?  These kids know…




LEGO City StickersIf you’d like to have prizes, the DK LEGO City Ultimate Sticker Collection has hundreds of stickers including LEGO mini-figs, animals, boats, planes and trucks.  Cut out an assortment of stickers and put them into individual packages to make fun, economical prizes.





For more tips about LEGO birthday party activities, visit the LEGO Family


What’s Next?

Race Car Driver


Come back soon for Ultimate Race Car Birthday Party ideas from playparty.net.